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Thor: Ragnarok
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Produced by Kevin Feige
Executive producers Victoria Alonso
Louis D'Esposito
Stan Lee
Running time 131 minutes
Language English
MCU phase Phase Three
Film order 5

Movie chronology

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MCU timeline

Précédent Spider-Man: Homecoming


Story development


The different chapters correspond to the Blu-ray/DVD chapters.

Chapter 1: The Great Prophecy

  • Thor has been taken prisoner inside a cage with a skeleton. Talking to it, he explains the reason he is here. After spending time on Earth, he was on a quest for the Infinity Stones without finding any of them. He came throught a "path of death and destruction" which led him here.
  • Then the cage opens and Thor falls, only stopped and hanged by his chain a few feets from the ground.

Chapter 2: The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard

Chapter 3: A Worthy Inclusion

Chapter 4: The Goddess of Death

Chapter 5: "Are You a Fighter, or Are You Food?"

Chapter 6: Heiress Apparent

Chapter 7: The Grandmaster

Chapter 8: The Eternal Flame

Chapter 9: The Contest of Champions

Chapter 10: The Resistance

Chapter 11: Hotheaded Fools

Chapter 12: The Revengers

Chapter 13: "The Revolution Has Begun"

Chapter 14: Ready for War

Chapter 15: "Asgard Is not a Place"

Chapter 16: "What Were You the God of Again?"

Chapter 17: Ragnarok

Post-credit scenes



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